About Us

Changing the World One Bag at a Time. 

Olympus Backpack’s mission is to provide good quality, eco-friendly backpacks to consumers while also helping others in need. With our Packs for Backs Program, each backpack purchased we send a bag with aid supplies to refugees in Kenya, South Sudan and Tanzania. Said countries were chosen because they’re home to the largest refugee camps in the world. Our manufacturing headquarters where the go-bags are made that we give away is located in Kenya because the neighboring countries are both South Sudan and Tanzania and makes it more convenient for shipping out the refugee backpacks while also providing jobs to locals. Our goal as a company is to make a difference in the world by helping preserve the Earth with using recycled materials for our backpacks and providing for families in need.


Our Story

We decided to start this company because we saw there was an increase in the refugee crisis and we wanted to bring aid and exposure to the issue while also helping the environment around us. Our goal as a company is to provide to those in need and make an impact on the world.

Meet The Team