In conglomeration with our Packs for Backs outreach program, Olympus Backpacks strives to provide its customers with easy-to-use, durable and appealing eco-friendly products for day-to-day life.

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Recent worldly conflicts have led to many having to leave their homes for a better life. Sadly, this is an issue that has repeated throughout history. We strive to help these families who have been forced to leave their homes. Our company, Olympus Backpacks, aims to help these frightening realities through our buy one, give one philanthropic approach. For every backpack sold, we donate one to those in need. Our consumer backpacks are made in the US while our go-bags are manufactured in Kenya, providing jobs to locals. All of our backpacks are made from recycled materials. The mission of Olympus Backpacks is to produce exemplary backpacks that benefit the consumer, aid the underprivileged and help to preserve the Earth.


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